How an Aerobic Step Can Help You Burn 26% More Calories

You can burn more calories when your exercise with an aerobic step--here's why

I know.   I know. 

It sounds too good to be true.

But I have the data to prove it.

I completed a (roughly) 30-minute workout with 13 different exercises repeated for one-minute intervals.

I compared the amount of calories I burned doing the same exercises on the floor, on a platform with one riser on each side and on a platform with 2 risers on each side.

The results:

If I did the same workout (as in my study) WITHOUT a step 3 times a week I’d burn about 606 calories.

And if I did the same workout WITH AN EXERCISE STEP and 2 risers on each side 3 times a week I’d burn about 765 calories.

That’s equal to 159 calories more a week, 636 calories more a month and 7632 more a year!

That’s impressive.

Read the full results and all the details of my case study HERE!

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