Your Next Favorite Fitness Tool

your exercise step will be the best fitness tool you'll ever own


Let’s face it.

Sometimes exercise can feel like a chore.  And who likes to do chores?

The ideal exercise program is fun, challenging and gets results. 

It takes variety in your exercise program to achieve all of these things.  You can’t do the same one or two workouts every day and expect it to excite you, challenge you or change your body.

An exercise step is the fitness tool that’s going to get you the most bang for your buck.  

An exercise platform allows you to change up your exercises all the time to keep every workout interesting.  

And constant change keeps your body and mind engaged.  This will prevent you from slamming into a fitness plateau where you stop seeing results.


An exercise platform (AKA exercise step, aerobic step, aerobic bench, etc.) gives you the ability to do a different style of workout every single day.

Traditional Step Aerobics

We’re all familiar with traditional step aerobics.  (You’re thinking of body suits and leg warmers right now, right?)

Listen, if it’s been a while since you tried a step aerobics routine then it’s time to take another look at it.  Things in step aerobics have changed A LOT over the years.

*Check out Cathe Friedrich if you want a real challenge.  She’s my favorite.

Remember step aerobics has 3 key ingredients—the music, the instructor and the choreography.  If any of those things aren’t perfect then the whole thing sucks.

It might take a few workouts to find the one with all 3 ingredients aligned just to suit you but try out 3 or 4 before you give it up completely.


Plyometric programs incorporate jumping exercises in their workouts.

These routines frequently use a step to make every workout more challenging.

Plyo exercises are a effective way to burn calories and get stronger using explosive moves.

High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT)

HiiT workouts blend intense exercise intervals (20, 30, 45, or 60 seconds) with short rest segments to maximize calorie burn in a shorter period of time.

I always use a step during HiiT workouts because doing an exercise on the step immediately makes it more intense.

Weight Training

To see your body change you MUST pick up a weight a few times a week (even training with very light weights will shape your body).

There are a lot of sculpting exercises you can do without a step but having a step adds options.  And more options means more variety, and variety is what will keep your weight-training fun and interesting.


Remember you can combine any of these workout styles in any way you like to make one incredibly effective routine.

 An exercise platform is the perfect tool to keep your exercise program exciting and get you results.

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