One Strong Southern Girl Aerobic Steps Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces will come in my order?

Every aerobic step order comes with one platform and 4 gray risers (2 for each side).

The expanded sets come with 6 gray risers and one platform.

If you order only risers then you'll receive 2 or 4 gray risers (depending on what size set you order).

Is there any safety information I need before I use my exercise step the first time?

Yes, you should read THIS safety information before you use your step the first time.

What is the weight capacity for aerobic steps?

The exercise step is rated for a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

I noticed a weird smell when I opened the box with my new step.  Is that dangerous?

New plastic (high-density polyethylene) sometimes has an odor.  It’s not toxic and it will dissipate over time.

I already have a step but I’d like one of your beautiful colored platforms.  Are the risers in my old version compatible with the one made by One Strong Southern Girl?  Can I just order the platform?

Some versions of aerobic steps on the market have compatible risers to our platform.  All you need to do is confirm the style is the same by looking at our images and what you already have.  (Risers that are approximately 16 x 16 will fit with the One Strong Southern Girl risers and fitness step.)

Occasionally we sell platforms without risers. If we have them in stock you'll find them listed with the other inventory on our website.

Are the One Strong Southern Girl aerobic steps like the ones used in Les Mills Body Step and Cathe Friedrich workouts?

Les Mills has a unique style for their aerobic steps so their risers and platform shape are different than ours. However, the Les Mills Body Step workouts and exercises can all be done using our aerobic step. (We love Les Mills Body Step and use our aerobic step to do these workouts ourselves!)

Our aerobic step style is the exact same dimensions as the aerobic step used by Cathe Friedrich in her workouts where she uses a gym-sized step.

It looks like there's a ripple in the surface of my platform.  Do I need to send it back?

No.  Sometimes there are small bubbles under the rubber surface of the platform.  It should not affect the function of your equipment.