We've taken the original and blown it out of the water

We kept all the best features of the original (classic) aerobic step and added safety, beauty and improved functionality with a new modern look, patent-pending locking risers, rounded comfort grip platform and nonslip surface with a sleek honeycomb pattern. It's an aerobic step as beautiful and tough as you are.

quick and easy

How to adjust your risers

Here's how quickly you can adjust the height of your new aerobic step with our patent pending locking risers (just remember the flip)

Aerobic Step Bundles (platform+4 risers+a mat)Aerobic Step with 6 Adjustable Locking RisersAerobic Step with 4 Adjustable Locking Risers


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What the experts have to say...


I definitely love the locking risers and the size of the step. I really like using it and I know of few of my viewers have already purchased it and love it as well. Knowing the risers are stuck in place is fantastic. This is the perfect size step for the step aerobics classes I instruct and great for weight training on it as well. I love the little mat that comes with it as it fits perfectly on the step and gives just enough cushion between your body and the step. If you are using this for traditional step, HIIT on the step, or as a weight bench, it is a great choice for workout equipment.--CDornerFitness on YouTube

Chris Dorner (@cdornerfitness, cdornerfitness.com)

Sellersville, PA


The best feature I love about the modern workout step is that the risers lock into place. This ensures the step is set up properly.  I also like the curve cut out around the edges of the bench. It makes gripping moves like push-ups and dips much easier to hold. I love the pink color of the step that I have and the design is very sleek and modern. This step is perfect for any fitness level.  If you’re a beginner starting out use no risers and just the platform and gradually progress and add one riser on each side. The bench can also double as a support bench for lying down and seated exercises.  The step bench is a great and super versatile piece of fitness equipment to complete your home gym.--Allison Aslaksen (AllyFit) on YouTube

Allison Aslaksen (@allyfitatl)

Atlanta, GA


I love the interlocking features of the risers. I actually used this step as an incline bench because the stability of the locking risers is so good...Love the mat since you can use it to do hip thrusts comfortably and then take the mat off to use next to the step as well! Very convenient! The width of the step is perfect, perfect for bench presses, hip thrust, all step work and more! Definitely exceeded my expectations! I would absolutely recommend this product. This one piece of equipment is a game changer when it comes to fitness. You can use it as a cardio or strength tool. It functions as a step and a bench. You can use if for Plyo metrics and ab work. The possibilities are endless. It’s lightweight and easy to transport and easily fits in the trunk of a car. A must have for a home gym! -- Fitness designed for Women on Instagram (@28unlocked)

Shreya (@28unlocked, 28unlocked.com)

San Diego, CA

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