Aerobic Steps

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We've taken the original and blown it out of the water

We kept all the best features of the original (classic) aerobic step and added safety, beauty and improved functionality with a new modern look, patent-pending locking risers, rounded comfort grip platform and nonslip surface with a sleek wave pattern. It's an aerobic step as beautiful and tough as you are.

Difference-making features you won't find anywhere else

  • locking risers on a full sized workout step
  • a new modern look to the 43" x 16" full size classic step size
  • a platform with curved edges and cutouts for natural finger placement
  • smart spacing of the non-slip rubber surface for quick 'hip width', 'shoulder-width' and 'middle' of the step visual reference during exercise
  • twice as many rubber tips on the underside of the platform (compared to most 43" x 16" platform designs) to protect your floors and keep your platform in place during exercise
  • 3 beautiful color options so that you can choose the one that fits your personality (and home gym style)
  • 4 different configurations for purchase so that you can get exactly what you're looking for

Platinum Promise Guarantee

We're thrilled you're here and can't wait for you to experience the quality of our products. We understand that investing in your health is a big deal, and we want you to feel completely confident in your purchase. That's why we stand behind our products with our Platinum Promise guarantee. It's our way of showing you that we believe in what we sell and that we've got your back. So go ahead, make that investment in your health, and rest easy knowing you're covered by our commitment to your satisfaction.


We don't recommend use for greater than 400 lbs.

That's a great question! Aerobic step risers sold with other aerobic step models on the market (including the previous model sold by One Strong Southern Girl) will not fit under our new aerobic step design.

This is another great question! Your old aerobic step platform will not fit on top of our aerobic step risers. The One Strong Southern Girl aerobic step platform is the only design on the market made with our patent-pending design that allows the risers to 'lock' into the platform.

Only use your new One Strong Southern Girl aerobic step on a flat, level surface. We recommend that you use a mat under the step if your step is on a smooth surface. Make sure that the interlocking pieces of the risers and platform are all lined up and fit inside each other before using your equipment.

Les Mills has a unique style for their aerobic steps so their risers and platform shape are different than ours. However, the Les Mills Body Step, Body Pump and Grit workouts and exercises can all be done using our new aerobic step. (We love Les Mills and use our aerobic step to do these workouts ourselves!)

Our aerobic step style is roughly the same dimensions as the aerobic step used by Cathe Friedrich in her workouts where she uses a gym-sized step. We're huge fans of step workouts by Cathe Friedrich!

We're so glad you asked this question! During the development phase of our new aerobic step design we noticed that we were commonly finding scratches, scuffs, bubbles, small cracks and even slightly off-kilter interlocking pieces on our risers and platforms.

After visiting the factory and speaking with our team of engineers, we discovered that these imperfections are a common part of the manufacturing process, are unavoidable, and do NOT affect the function of your equipment. Remember your aerobic step is meant to be stepped on! Knowing this, we love that each product has a rugged, raw, yet beautiful and unique appearance.

Click here to see some of the common imperfections you may (or may not) see in your aerobic step equipment. (Any imperfections that fall outside the scope of these images are added to our Eco-Friendly Category of products and sold at a 40% discount.)

That being said, if your equipment has been broken/crushed/damaged during shipment OR if any of the interlocking rubber attachments are loose or crushed, then please reach out to us so that we can have an opportunity to provide you with a legendary customer experience. Contact information is below.

We're glad you asked.

As you're most likely aware, the process of developing and moving products around the world has become complicated and very costly over the last few years. Some of those increasing costs of manufacturing and moving our products has caused us to have to increase our prices. We're a small business with an important mission and want to keep our doors open for a long time.

But more importantly, we set out to make the best product on the market--not the least expensive one. Consider for a moment what you paid for your last hair appointment, pair of jeans or botox. Is your health worth at least the same amount?

Also, odds are you will never need to replace your aerobic step from OSSG (unless you want another color). How often do you invest ONCE in something with such an incredible ROI?

But at the end of the day we understand that we aren't for everyone. No one is that. It's important to us that you feel good about investing in One Strong Southern Girl. If you aren't excited about your purchase then we encourage you to support another business.

What our customers are saying...


I definitely love the locking risers and the size of the step. I really like using it and I know of few of my viewers have already purchased it and love it as well. Knowing the risers are stuck in place is fantastic. This is the perfect size step for the step aerobics classes I instruct and great for weight training on it as well. I love the little mat that comes with it as it fits perfectly on the step and gives just enough cushion between your body and the step. If you are using this for traditional step, HIIT on the step, or as a weight bench, it is a great choice for workout equipment.--CDornerFitness on YouTube

Chris Dorner (@cdornerfitness,

Sellersville, PA


My step arrived damaged and I emailed the store about it. They responded within a day and sent me a replacement. Exceptional customer service! And the quality of the step is amazing! I tell everyone I know that does step to replace their old one with this one! --Kelly P., business owner and home exerciser

Kelly P.

Haymarket, VA


The best feature I love about the modern workout step is that the risers lock into place. This ensures the step is set up properly.  I also like the curve cut out around the edges of the bench. It makes gripping moves like push-ups and dips much easier to hold. I love the pink color of the step that I have and the design is very sleek and modern. This step is perfect for any fitness level.  If you’re a beginner starting out use no risers and just the platform and gradually progress and add one riser on each side. The bench can also double as a support bench for lying down and seated exercises.  The step bench is a great and super versatile piece of fitness equipment to complete your home gym.--Allison Aslaksen (AllyFit) on YouTube

Allison Aslaksen (@allyfitatl)

Atlanta, GA


I love the interlocking features of the risers. I actually used this step as an incline bench because the stability of the locking risers is so good...Love the mat since you can use it to do hip thrusts comfortably and then take the mat off to use next to the step as well! Very convenient! The width of the step is perfect, perfect for bench presses, hip thrust, all step work and more! Definitely exceeded my expectations! I would absolutely recommend this product. This one piece of equipment is a game changer when it comes to fitness. You can use it as a cardio or strength tool. It functions as a step and a bench. You can use if for Plyo metrics and ab work. The possibilities are endless. It’s lightweight and easy to transport and easily fits in the trunk of a car. A must have for a home gym! -- Fitness designed for Women on Instagram (@28unlocked)

Shreya (@28unlocked,

San Diego, CA